About Us

SENA Solar Energy Company Limited is a company that operates solar energy business including solar farms and solar rooftops. The company offers consulting, design, installation and after-sales services for solar rooftops.

The company ensures customers’ trust and confidence with 360 degree after-sale service strategy offered for those who are interested in installing solar rooftops or those who buy SENA houses. Customers will receive after-sale services from Eight Solar Company Limited that provides suggestions about selling electricity to the state or using electricity to reduce cost of business.

The company has jointly owned the business with B.Grimm Company Limited, an expert of energy, to produce electricity generating sources with capacity of 46.5 MW from solar farm project.

In addition, SENA Solar Energy Company Limited believes that renewable energy especially solar energy tends to grow considerably.
It can be seen in other countries that they focus on solar rooftop installation to maintain balance of the nature.

The severe flood

“in 2011”

Due to the severe flood in 2011, the board of directors of SENA Development Company Limited realized the importance of global warming which was the cause of the flood. This was the starting point for Assist. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark,
a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SENA Development Company Limited, to seek
in-depth information about global warming. She wanted to be the one who maintains the balance in nature

Raising awareness about world’s

by raising awareness about world’s natural resource conservation. It was also found that the way to becoming a part of the global warming solution is Solar Rooftop. Solar Rooftop allows buildings to generate electricity from solar energy which can be used unlimitedly and does not cause pollution to the world. Due to the strong determination, SENA Solar Energy Company Limited was founded to distribute and install solar cells for interested persons.

The company has a world-class partner, First Solar Inc., which is a leading solar cell company from the United States. The company designs solar cells with advanced technology called “Thin Film” which helps produce energy more efficiently. The company also designs beautiful and borderless solar cells which increases value of houses. B. Grimm Power Company Limited is another partner which is one the companies that manufactures electricity used in Industrial Estates in Thailand. The company constructed high-quality power plants in both domestic and international levels.
In addition, customers of Eight Solar are confident that they will have good services through 360 degree after-sale service strategy that ensures their trust and confidence.